Friday, December 24, 2010

Fraikin's Friday Fashion Photo Booth (11) - Check!

Yes, I had wet feet this morning when I removed the fresh snow from my car, yes, they were cold as I walked in the snow... But hey, it can't always be hiking boots! Checks & fur on the day before Christmas, what else? Happy holidays everybody!

Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans fur trimmed hoodie, cable knit sweater, A-line skirt from See by Chloe & Belstaff boots

Thursday, December 23, 2010

VP shoot: Samira

Before the snowstorms started (it was even colder then), I shot the first series of the VP flyer shoots. This is Samira:

Monday, December 20, 2010

I just can't help it...

I had to go out in the snow, in the sun, with a camera.
Like so many other people, I find it fascinating. Snow transforms it all, in this case, a rather grey and dull office building park into a winter 'wonderland'.

But once I was out, I realized there wasn't much to be done. It all looks breathtaking, but it's still an office building park. And suddenly I was taken back to my student years where the assignment was to 'go out and take pictures'. It's a challenge, to look past the obvious. Try to change the angle, get on your knees, shoot 'from the hip'... It's easy of course, breathtaking places bring the most amazing landscape pictures. But try and look at what you have, close to you and try to make it amazing/surprising/new...

With the limited time and space I had, I only found this branch from a plant bathing in the sun, and loved it's shadow. Not original, I know, but I guess I was just feeling like that plant, cold but enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fraikin's Friday Fashion Photo Booth (10) - Oh no way

Oh no, not going out with nice clothes and shoes today. Ice all over, snow, salt and cold. So I'm on strike, for this number 10. If I had stayed in today, I would have spent the day under a blanket!
But I made my way to work, with hiking boots (not heeled :-), woolly gloves and thick sweaters, not fashion but warm, safe & cosy! Enjoy the week-end

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fraikin's Friday Fashion Photo Booth (9) - (Faux) Fur

Polar temperatures outside, so today's Fashion Photo Booth is a mix of furs & knit. I love these checkered pants from 5th Avenue Shoe Repair, great brand but hard to find (in Belgium).

Faux fur gilet by Topshop, high heel hiker brown boots from Aldo, 5th Avenue Shoe Repair pants
& Fay white fur handbag